Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Sweet Fat Face

Oh sweet fat 3 month old in a teacup;0 Miss Kennedy is 3 months old now & I enjoy photographing milestones with this "Oh Baby" Planner once every three months. This day was a rough one for sure because lil miss had gotten up for the day at 4AM ready to party & she was mad as could be at me;0 fussed & fussed. But, by the end my lil raven haired beauty, Bella Rose, (who was along for the session) got Kennedy to smile her lil head off & the results are priceless!! I know some photogs skip 3month sessions in their baby plans cuz baby still can't do anything but yet aren't all sleepy & pliable as newborns but I LOVE 3 months because of the FACES!! It's all drool, fat & faces & it's so dear to me. So, Cam & Sean, enjoy!! She's a BEAUTY!!

Monday, March 21, 2011

LOVE is in the Air...

Love this Couple. Loved This Session. Love these Pics. LOVE! Can't wait to photograph their BIG DAY in June & am so stinkin' HAPPY for them!! Thanks guys for a fun day & being so willing to do whatever the crazy lady with the camera asked of you. WHoooHooo. Enjoy.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Fricks' Wedding...Love & Marriage

How Special this particular Wedding was to me. The Bride is a dear friend of mine who by no choice of her own has been a single Mom for several years. She is strong, courageous, an amazing Mother, Patient, kind, loving and I think incredibly brave. She's done an amazing job handling all that has been dished out to her over these past years, always quick to run to Christ in her struggles like the loss of her Dad last December to his 25 year battle with Cancer. Talk to Stacy long enough and you'll soon hear God's promise, provision, Grace & Mercy all over her her life. As a friend I prayed fervently for THIS DAY: the day when a TRUE MAN would step into their lives and love her kids as his own, love God & love Stacy ridiculously. Garvey is THAT MAN; he loves these kids who now call him Daddy and he treats Stacy like a Queen. They know trials will come through the years but they are resolved to love each other through it and face it together! What a BLESSING to share in this special, special day with two terrific people, two precious kids and the friends and family who prayed for this day.
CONGRATS MR & MRS FRICKS...and mini Fricks!!!!!