Thursday, May 19, 2011

Classic Italian Beauty !!

Miss Micaela!! What a CLASSIC Italian Beauty with Legs for DAYS ;0 I had a blast with her & her Momma and loved how uber prepared they were with suitcases full of wardrobe changes, shoes & accesories; as you can see it paid off and of course I love when clients heed my words of advice to make a session FANTASTIC! I have NO minimum on wardrobe changes for Senior Pics so the more the better and Mic and her Mom took full advantage & I'm so glad because these are absolutely amazing pics & I'm sooo happy with the end product...also glad I'm not the one having to pick my faves for prints cuz that will be a daunting task! CONGRATS Micaela!! You are beautiful inside AND Out and you're do great things!!

Monday, May 9, 2011

Senior 2011

It's that time of year: SENIORS!!! & no, I'm not talking 'as in geriatrics' ;0 HighSchool is just about to end for some very lucky 18year olds & a new journey begin!! This sweet thang is Haley & she has many of my fave characteristics, namingly 'decisiveness' She knows what she wants & doesn't wish wash or second guess herself just makes a decision and calls it a day! I LOVE THAT! Hold that near, Haley, & don't lose it because that ability to make a choice will take you further than just the college of your dreams;) Shoot for the stars, baby!! Enjoy!!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

San Fran Family Sesh;0!!!

My sweet sweet dear friend, Kelly, my Cali Girl...Kel & I were in a Mom's group together during the few years she & her family lived here in Texas & have since relocated back home to the Bay Area. We have kids similar ages, have similar interests & child rearing styles & both share a deep Faith & personal relationship with Christ but the seal of our bond was that at the forming of our friendship I was going through an extremely difficult time in my life and Kelly was a constant source of love, support & prayer. We kept jokingly saying how I should come to San Fran to do their fam portraits at the Palace of Fine Arts & finally it turned to "Yea, why DON'T we do that!?" So, she flew me out & a lovely weekend we had!! I loved it and am already planning my next trip out! I am gaga over architecture & buildings & history & San Francisco is steeped in it so this was a camera DREAM!! Enjoy;0