Friday, October 21, 2011

Happy 1 YEAR Hudson !!! Bday Party

My friend Steph & I go waaay back...Jr High Days;) We used to do mini "modeling photoshoots" at our sleepovers & now I'm photographing her GORGEOUS blue-eyed, tow-head baby boys...full circle! I adore her husband, of the sweetest guys ever & just really enjoy my time with the W family. Plus, they're ridiculously good looking & photogenic: SCORE! For baby Hudson's 1 year Steph asked if I'd be up to doing his Bday Party & getting a couple portraits of H before & I was more than happy to oblige. This IS INDEED service I offer! We had such a blast & Steph did THE BEST job with the theme & decor: NightOwl Party! All the kids wore their jammies, cutest goody bags EVER, she made EVERYTHING all the way down to the paper lanterns...the colors just pop & it was so vintage & just gorgeous on their beautiful back patio. & Steph, I gotta brag on you girl...She spent next to NOTHING on this beautiful picture perfect party; Johnny & I actually high fived on the awesomeness of the budget! Creativity goes a LONG way! But, back to HANDSOME HUDSON: Isn't he a DOLL!? He reminds me of my BellaRose as a baby cuz he's ALWAYS ALWAYS SO happy. When we set his cupcake in front of him for the cake smash & he felt the sticky icky of that frosting...He FLIPPED!! Bawled his lil baby blues out! He was not a fan...he finally warmed up & was all smiles again & the result was gorgeous! happy 1st year Hudson!! I love you, Steph & Johnny!! ENJOY!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Sweet Baby Ethan

GUSH!!! SWOON! ugh. I've been excited to meet this...not so little;0...guy! Meet Ethan Cole. He's part of my "Oh Baby" Planners & to say I adore this family is an understatement;) They are sooo thoughtful & sweet and so laid back & mellow...very go with the flow which makes for a truly great session. Plus, big sister, Miss Genevieve, is my new BFF;) She is presh beyond words & reminds me of my BellaRose, full of Spunk but oh so very sweet & such a GOOD girl! I'm obsessed with this family's front door that streams in the most GORGEOUS light & their to die for winding can see for yourself it made for some fab pics. & then the saddle pics...Momma really wanted these but it wasn't looking like we were gonna get them but I was determined! Saddle pics are tricky bc baby has to be positioned JUST SO & you hafta pray they're comfy enough to go along with your plan & luckily, Ethan DID! I swear EVERYtime I photograph a sweet new baby I'm reminded what a COMPLETE MIRACLE it is! Don't ever take for granted the amazing gift that a healthy new baby is...they are truly a GIFT! so, thanks Sam & Kristina, for allowing me to enjoy this sweet gift of yours;) enjoy!

Saturday, October 8, 2011


One of THE absolute COOLEST perks of my "job" is reconnecting with old friends & people who've known me more than 1/2 my life! Jamie & I were BFFs in Middle School & she is EASILY one of THE sweetest people I've EVER known;) She is now married & has two beautiful kiddos and I truly enjoyed every minute of this fun session catching up & capturing the love & fun that's the Cain family;) & happiest of belated Birthdays to Miss Lacey who is now all of 1 years old & completely fabulous!