Sunday, December 9, 2012

Christmas Card Session

I did a session with this Momma over the summer with just her and knew instantly upon seeing pics of her towhead, beautiful babies that it was a MUST to get the whole fam in front of my lens so I was super excited when she booked a session for their Christmas Cards. Jennifer cracks me up & is stand up comedian funny and her hubs was a sweetie pie but these two lil nuggets...GUSH! Looove. Had fun with this sweet, fun,funny family. Remember that "Likes" of our facebook page...not just the pics or links...but the actual page, can help this Fam earn FREE prints & products!

Monday, December 3, 2012

Vintage Inspired Family Love

A Vintage Family Session...lots of love & two boys cuter than a bug's ear! I ADORE the W Family.

Thursday, November 15, 2012


Ok, not to reveal my old age too much but I've known these two adorable, positively perfectly sweet humans since they were lil Nugs & now they are married and have the MOST GORGEOUS Blue eyed, bald headed baby boy!! I have been DYING to photograph this gorgeous chunkers with his absolutely perfect punkin' head & he was every bit as yummy as I hoped & then some;0 & this beautiful Momma was probably THE BEST sport I've ever had...she had a bad case of food poisoning  &...forgive me, Tessa, for what I'm about to reveal but I am STILL completely amazed by your superwoman like abilities and managing to still look picture perfect...she would literally get sick as in throwing up & just quietly & politely as could be she would excuse herself off to behind a bush or something & then just as quietly be right there again to hop into a pic! AMAZING woman! I'm in love with these pics and adore the people in them. What a beautiful, joyful life ya'll are creating together, Tessa & Jordan! Jason is PERFECTION and I thank you for allowing me to share an evening with yall. And I'm gonna present a proposition to ya'll: Just a simple"like" of our page on facebook can Help this sweet family get a FREE Print Product!! So, go ahead, 'LIKE' us!