Thursday, May 30, 2013


What do you get when you combine an animal lover and fabulous Diva with an Artist with a pension for Super Heroes?? You Get Tom and Jennifer and A LOT of FUN! I have known Jennifer since she was a pre-teen; when she booked her wedding with me she said, "I mean, you were one of my mentors! You taught me how to be a pregnant teen! you KNOW me; I couldn't imagine anyone else being my photographer! " Let's be clear, neither of us were ever pregnant teens in real life but I DID direct and coach Jennifer when she was probably like 14 for Fine Arts for a Drama. lol But, I am beyond honored to be referred to as ANYone's Mentor or that someone wants me to be a part of such a HUGE moment in their life! These two booked me for a FULL Wedding package with engagement, bridal, ceremony and reception. I can't wait because they are so fun and they genuinely LIKE each other...the love part is obvious but they really LIKE each other too. This is a special girl to me; truly I hold her in my heart and this fella...Tom, you're it! you are who God had always for Jennifer and I'm so happy to see her so happy because of YOU; you're a good man and a WICKED talented artist/animator . So, to the session...this is by FAR the most pics i've EVER posted for engagements and the funniest part is our original location for these was completely blocked off and we didn't find out till we got there so this spot was a total improvisation but it worked out BRILLIANTLY and I couldn't be happier with the outcome! Some of my faves: I adore the "Toms" ones with Jen's ring bc SHE IS TOM'S!...The Iron Man gloves ones kill me; Tom wanted to wear those so bad but alas, he has man hands and couldn't fit...the fun and kitchy series with Tom "Sketching" Jennifer as it turns out to be a funny caracature, i adore! But, this first one? It's so them. It's simple and not fussy and fun and they're cracking up which they do alot of and I love it. So, thanks again for choosing me to capture and tell the story of YOUR Love! Enjoy!



Sunday, May 26, 2013

Tiny Lil Diva...New Newborn Session

Sweet Precious Baby Paiton! Let me tell you...This is tiny little Diva here; she posed for me and she was good as gold but she lets you know who is REALLY in charge! She looooved being outside and sunbathing; I mean seriously loved it. She reminded me of my almost 6 year old babygirl with her olive skin, big brown eyes and gobs of crazy, spiky dark brown hair. And I know we all say babies are nearly blind at this age but I swear to God this baby would move her head when I talked to her and lock eyes with me; so sweet. And she was SO alert and attentive...the only way I got her to sleep was to take her outside otherwise she was WIDE awake and checking out everything. I know most photogs will shudder at the paci in some of these shots but those are honestly some of my faves with her lil fat, tiny hand on her cheek; plus this is a BIG paci baby so that's just part of who she is and that, I believe, has a place in this story;) I hope to post some updated pics of this beautiful babe in a few months! Hint, Hint, MiMi & Momma and Daddy! ha. Enjoy! She's perfect.