Friday, July 23, 2010

Tennessee Mini Sessions

This should just be titled "Pretty' lol or "All the BEAUTIFUL People" Seriously! I think you'll agree there's some major good looks happening here. Sibling shots, headshots, girly fun, cool's all here. & I might add this was all done in the POURING RAIN! yep, it was storming big time the entire time I did this shoot, that was the story of my life this trip; really tested my ability, training and creativity to do outdoor shoots in terrential downpours;0 I was up for the challenge and channeling the good lighting I had and am super happy with the end resullt.
This is a fabulous group of kids, you just won't find any better and I was Blessed...ok, Stressed too with a group this big and unccoperative weather...but nonetheless BLESSED to do this. Much Love & ENJOY

This will be going on my new business cards!!!! IN LOVE!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

This was so fun & am obsessed with the final product! Just absolutely GORGEOUS!
Abby is Beautiful, tough, capable, bright & I love that ALL that comes across in these images. Her Beauty is forefront and apparent but just one look in her eyes and you can see she's no Ditz and that she's one tough cookie, that smirky smile tells of her capability & that she can do ANYTHING!
I LOVE & ADORE this girl and always treasure getting her in front of my lens!

Enjoy these Retro Glam, Pinup-esque Pics;)

Monday, July 19, 2010

Love and Marriage

Hey, a couple shoot isn't just for those newly engaged...I love photographing married couples. There is an ease about them as they are familiar with each other & their quirks...They're quick to tell the other they look constipated in a certain pose and to loosen up & also very prone to laugh with each other as I set them up in weird stances and tell to be natural;0
This sweet couple is embarking in the very near future on the journey of expanding their fam and wanted some shots of their family as just 2 before. We had alot of fun & they were ever the good sports; climbing, hiking, scaling trains, walking thru wild grass full of bugs and God knows what else...I think it paid off!;)
I also got some really cute action shots of Christa & Luke in still with a real train roaring up behind them...pretty neat;)!

ENJOY Christa & Luke!!