Monday, June 21, 2010

Two Year Pics,Maternity Pics & Fam Pics-Oh MY!

I LOVE me Some Levi & the W Fam !!!!! You will too!

Little Levi Gray!! I've photographed this BEAUTIFUL Baby since he was just a lil Kidney bean in Momma's Belly and now he just turned TWO!! Blows my mind. he really is BEAUTIFUL with his long, blonde locks, big blue eyes and fair skin. His smashing cake frm his one year session is proudly displayed on my business cards and one of my very fave baby shots EVER! We had a TON of fun on this day and I think it shows;) we did Levi's 2yr, some Belly Pics of Momma & Soon to be Big Bro, Levi; Fam shots and father and Son. The Woghelmuth's are one of those fams where it's hard for me to narrow down pics cuz I love them all & they're SO PHOTOGENIC. so here we go...

This is a throw back to one of his 1 yr pics...

Johnny is one of THE sweetest guys EVER & is a Terrific Dad and Levi is NEVER short on the lovin' for his Daddy as seen here as he grabbed hold in one of the shots.

I always love the W Fams Styling for Photos!

I SO LOVE this!!!

I love the expression here..."What?! I';m gonna be a Big Brother you say?!"

Love these sweet Piggies with Steph's precious teeny Bump... CAN'T wait to meet Baby Hudson!!

Is this not the SweeteST!!! I LOVE it

seriously in LOVE!!

and this might be one of my very fave Father & Son shots EVER EVER!! I just love love love it.

Momma's sweet Boy

Ok, so Levi LOVED the Trains & had one very particular spot he just had to "fix" so he gathered up 2 special sticks & went to work...he was honestly a little obsessive!! ;0 I loved it, was sooo cute

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Ah, Love...

Ah, New Love...All the shared whispers and laughter. I love capturing that love...What a Fun couple this was !!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Price List & Descriptions of Sessions

Little Photography Shack
Pricing for Little Photography Shack. I believe Photography to be Storytelling and can take us back to a particualr instance years from now if that story is told. I believe in capturing a moment not creating it.

Family or Individual Sessions:$150- $250
dependant on your exact desires from your session (ie: edited CD AND prints, just prints, just CD, etc.)
Let's Talk & set up a Session that is perfect for you AND your wallet!!

Prints:I use one of the oldest, most reputable labs in the US for my Prints and can guarantee optimum quality
4x6 $10
5x7 $12
8x10 $15
11x14 $30
Collage Prints starting at $30
Canvases, Gator Foam, Gallery Wrapping, etc. and gift items also available. Please ask for price listing

First Year Baby Package:$1000 which may be paid in multiple installments. This is really a STEAL at only $200 a Session! & the great thing is you are NOT shelling out cash every 3 months to document those precious moments, you're simply showing up for a fun, low-key session and wait ofr the beautiful results! Includes Newborn, 3 month, 6 month, 9 month & 12 months.
You receive high resolution, fully edited images from each session via CD or digitally and receive a 15% discount on any prints.With the 1 year Session you also receive a beautiful 11x14 collage portrait of your favorite images from newborn through 12 months!!

includes Session and ALL fully edited, high resolution images via CD or digital file for use on websites, promotional items, modeling agencies, etc.

Diva for a Day Parties:$50 per Diva
Invite your besties over for a nite full of FUN, drinks, tapas, laughs and most importantly an oppurtunity to channel their inner supermodel! I will transform one private area in your home (usually the Master Bedroom) into my makeshift studio complete with my professional lighting and multiple backdrops. Each DIVA will get 25-30 minutes ont of my camera and 2 wardrobe changes. You can either wear your fave sexy jeans and white tshirt or even lingerie. you will then receive 10-15 fully edited images via digital file. This is a TON OF FUN and a great experienceEach Hostess receives her session FREE with 7 or more guests!

Weddings: $1800
Includes engagement session from which you will receive a matted 8x10 from your session for your guests to sign at your Wedding Reception (high resolution CDs are available for seperate purchase from this session), bridal session from which you receive 1 8x10 to display at your Reception (additional prints and/or high resolution CD available for seperate purchase)AND FULL and complete Ceremony and reception coverage I am with you from the beginning of this amazing journey and and assistant and I will be with you on the big day before anyone else arrives and see you off as Mr. and Mrs. NO TIME LIMIT!! You receive a high resolution, fully edited CD of up to 650 images from the Wedding day as well as an 11x14, 2 8x10s & 2 5x7s of your choiceYour Gallery will be set up via my website and secured by password for you and so you can also direct family and friends to view your love story and purchase any prints they like without having to go through the hassle of relaying their requests or cutting a check to you, etc.
I do NOT print 4x6s from the wedding, this is a tedious task and best left to the Bride which is just one reason I give you SO MANY beautiful, high resolution images on disk so you can print and reprint!
I do NOT take this responsibility lightly and feel completely blessed to share in one of the MOST intimate moments of your entire life
I only book TWO weddings a month to devote as much time and attention as possible to each Bride on her big day!

Don't see what you're looking for listed here in services? Just call me and we'll customize something for you!! 972-951-1954 ask for Krissy


Family...This particular family is a VERY FAVE of mine & might as well become the face of Little Photography Shack;0...we've seen alot of each other lately and I always always enjoy my Sessions with them. They are a Beautiful family yes but their hearts are even more beautiful! This Session was actually a surprise present for Daddy for Father's Day...I hope he loves them as much as we do!

Good Grief! Look at those KILLER baby blues on Jesse & our sweet brown eyed girl, Ella!

Jayden is not a happy camper here but I LOVE Ella's spontaneous love for her Big Bro and sandy just looks SO happy so I found this shot to be quite endearing

Seriously, this girl is just FANTASTIC!;0 so cute

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Lotion Anyone ???

Ah, Motherhood;0 When not behind the lens of the camera I am raising two little human beings. It is very truly the most exhilarating, exhausting, impossible, incredible, wonderful, beautiful, wondrous, magical, maddening, hilarious, difficult, rewarding, tireless, terrifying, uplifting, chaotic, selfless, surreal job in the world!!
It is the calling of my life and I would NOT trade it.
I think in moments like this how Blessed I really am to share in each moment with my kids even if I wanna cry or scream or pull my hair out...or all of the above!;0 I asked Bella Rose to bring me the lotion to put on her peeling nose. I was busying making dinner and the TV was on in the other room so I thought after 20 minutes she was just relaxing watching a show. And then here she came LIKE THIS!! I thought the damage was only to her body & thought she would just be very moisturized but then entered my room and found this scene!

I had just mopped!;0

But, how can you be mad at this face?! so, it's laugh or cry...I do believe I'll laugh and hug this sweet girl !!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Jasmine Heaven

11 going on 16 !! Jasmine is sweet, silly, demure & is shy about showing off her Sass! She LOVES Dogs & is more about her converse & Tshirts than High Heels and Minis...GOOD thing for Momma. I've known this sweet girl for years now & must admit I teared up a smidge as I edited these of her, I see a beautiful young woman not just a little girl anymore.

Girls Best Friend, in ROCK;0

Loved this one of Jasmine Heaven...

Funky, Fun & Sassy

Monday, June 7, 2010


One of my fave tweens, Jesse! He is hysterical, he told me during this session that he was "single" but not "wild" ! ;0 lol So, ladies be advised! He's also witty and adorable which I think is evident here...such a doll

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Beach Babies

20 years ago I traveled with my Mom, Dad, lil bro & lil Sis to the gorgeous Emerald Coast off the Gulf of Mexico in the Florida Panhandle. We were instantly in LOVE! As seasoned travelers we were well aware of the rare gem we had found in these beautiful, breathtaking beaches. And so it began, I traveled every Summer with MY family to vacation is a picturesque little beach town where you rode your bike everywhere. Once married the tradition continued and when babies arrived on the scene one of their first gifts even in utero was swim wear! Between my Hubby and I both loving water & sun we have created two absolute BEACH BABIES! Kayde & Bella Rose adore the sand AND surf. We spend two GLORIOUS weeks at a cottage and let all our cares drift away with the tide as we lounge in the sun, build sandcastles, eat sno cones & yummy local seafood, swim, swim, swim, snorkel, search for shells and crab at nite and I read non-stop usually totally 5-7 books during the trip!! Did I mention it si HEAVENLY! ahhhh. So, enjoy a peek into the heart of my family & our very happy place. I got some great shots this year. I adore photographing here because the joy of our trip just exudes;0

My FAVE action shot of our Princess

My World...

Oh, my Kayde. He's the reason for Little Photography Shack!;) My beautiful Muse

Brother & Sister

Peace & Grace

Vintage Baby