Saturday, February 16, 2013

Full circle Senior Portraits

Talk about a full circle moment...This AMAZING young WOMAN's parents were my Youth Pastors and two of THE most influential people in my life, they helped shape the Woman, Wife and Mother I would one day be...they helped create the Believer and follower of Christ I am and my personal relationship with my Savior. They are a PART of me; family in the purest sense. They baptized me as a teenager and as an adult dedicated my baby BellaRose back to Jesus. As a full fledge married grown up with a toddler we reunited years later and ventured into ministry and church planting together...Those are precious memories for me even though some of them were some of the most trying times of our lives: Job Loss, Struggles of Ministry, High Risk Pregnancy & Birth, Moves, Financial Strains, etc. but we faced it all together and I knew no matter what we had two people who knew us, knew our hearts truly and would run to the throne with us and pray us through life's hurts and celebrate the victories with us. They are genuinely two of THE BEST people I've ever know and have created FOUR of the most amazing kids you've ever seen, the oldest being this Senior in High School, Emylea who I've called Emy her whole life. I've known this pretty girl since she was in diapers and now she's graduating High School as a NATIONAL MERIT SCHOLAR FINALIST, a water polo OLYMPIC Trial player (forgive me Emy if that's not right...I know it's Olympics & Water Polo), an accomplished competitive swimmer, Honor Student who has schools like STANFORD on the horizon for possible colleges and did I mention, one of the SWEETEST, funniest, most genuine, selfless kids you'll ever meet? This girl is one to make ANY parent proud. Character...She's an 18 year old with impecible character, hard to come by these days in a 40 year old let alone a kid! 
So, I wrote more than I ever do on a gallery and got a smidge mushy but I couldn't help myself;0 
So, CONGRATS, Emylea!! Go get it, Girl. And way to go, Kevin and Beth for raising this amazing human being. Well done. Enjoy! And as always...15 new facebook fanpage "Likes" (of the actual page not just this blog link) earns The Adams family a FREE canvas of Emylea's Senior Portraits!!So...SHARE! and spread the Little Photography Shack Love!