Friday, October 29, 2010


Brothers!! Mom dressed the boys very classically which suited the Pictures Perfectly because the boys have classic good looks! They were just precious and the younger brother was in love with me by the end of the session bringing me gifts of leaves & wanting me in every shot with them so I had to run with him where I wanted him posed then I would sit down, distract him and get up and run! ;0 ha ha. Worked out well just the same though so I was happy. Enjoy...Lots new to come this weekend

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Christmas Pics Little Photography Shack Style!!

So...I'm thinking a little bit of THIS for Christmas Pictures this year!!!! Oh yes!
The weather is actually cool enough in the evenings for Christmas Jammie pics. I have nearly a dozen more mini trees and furniture to swap out. This is DEFINITELY how the Izzy Nuggets will be featured for Christmas 2010!! If you haven't booked yet, (which there ARE a few December slots open but only a portion of those are workable due to weather) for November Little Photography Shack DOES have a working waiting list going for any cancellations that happen along the way so be sure to ask about that

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Phipps Kids for TEAM CHRISTIAN!!

Ah, The Phipps kids!;0 gotta love em! Their Momma & dear friend of mine is an awesome supporter of Little Photography Shack and THE BIGGEST referrer I've EVER had in a client so when I found out that her nephew (her Sister's lil boy) was suffering through brain & spinal cancer I knew I wanted to help in whatever way I could and for me that happened to be from behind the lens of my camera by means of mini sessions. It was a great success and I especially loved my session with these 3 terrific kiddos donning their Fall colors and then fantastic pics in their "Team Christian" shirts!!! Please continue to pray for 7 year old Christian's complete healing of this wretched disease & thanks to all the support of this great cause....scratch that, support of this great KID! Christian is a KID not a CAUSE & I thank yall for helping him in this fight;)

Friday, October 22, 2010

Totally BOOKED!!

Don't look so Forlorn!! There are still a few spots before the new year with Little Photography Shack but NOT many! We're booked through most of November and half of December is filled already too!! So, don't delay! Book your date & pay your deposit now to ensure a Fabulous Christmas Card or gorgeous pics of your kiddos as gifts sure to thrill everyone!!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Shout out to Tyler & Tori, with my fave baby blues!!!

Tyler & Tori! Oh, how I love these two kiddos!! They came to me as little toddlers and once a year every Fall I have the pleasure of photographing & documenting their growth and change;) I've watched Miss Tori come out of her shell and become quite the silly, sassy chatterbox full of sweetness and Tyler...well, he is all business! He likes his hair brushed a certain way, his polo shirts and Star Wars and has such a sweet spirit;) precious. I especially delight in the fact that when Jessica, their Mom, tells them it's time to go see Miss Krissy and have new pictures made they are THRILLED and pick out outfits and props that they just know Miss Krissy will love...and I always do! Jess tells me they talk about me for days after and that just melts my heart & brings tears to my eyes!!!!!
It is a COMPLETE honor to follow children through this growing up business and that each of you, my clients, would trust me to do so and entrust your memory preservation to ME! beyond humbling & amazing. Have I mentioned in the last 24hrs that I LOVE WHAT I DO! Cuz I do! Enjoy these new ones of two of my favorite kids with the most gorgeous baby blues around! they were all poses for me & cracke dme UP! even brought their new school shirts for a few pics and they did AMAZING as always!
Tyler & Tori, Miss Krissy loves you and you totally owned this! thanks for the fun time:)

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

HolySweet Baby in a Bucket!!

One of the greatest honors I have in what I do is to journey with a family the way I have with this one: It began with couple shots for Christmas cards when it was just the two of them, progressed into baby bump pics with their first, Levi, continued into chronicling Levi's first 2 years and then came baby bump number two that has led to this beautiful lil fella, Baby Hudson!!! I seriously LOVE MY JOB!
Hudson had quite the belly ache this day and even demonstrated it by ejecting projectile watery baby poopy on me!! ha ha! all in a days work right?! despite the belly ache we got some GORGEOUS shots and he was most content in the bucket! actually fussed when we took him out! As soon as I curled and smashed him up in it he passed out happy as a clam! I truly love this family & Steph, I hope you love these as much as I do!! CONGRATS!!